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Tumblr Sketches by ~andells

The one the bottom right is my one of my favorite pieces of Tangled fanart, if not my total favorite.

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I saw the Mike one…. and I have nothing else to do so I made something…

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She was more than eager to kiss him again, pleased to be near him, to touch him, taste him, smell him. When the kiss broke, she turned back to the horse to unpack the supplies. “They were completely relieved,” she admitted. “I think they were afraid I’d done something… foolish,” she put delicately. “But that’s not me. I wouldn’t do that.” She passed him over parcels of food and clothes and took some herself before letting the mare go to graze in the field and heading for the stairs.

"So, tell me, Prince Hans…” she said coyly. “Are you ready for a good bath and clean clothes?”

He felt a slightly jealous smile form on his lips as she spoke. Of course her family missed her and was completely relieved that she came home in one piece. Chewing the inside of his lip, he tried to fight it back with an honest smile but it appeared more off a forced smile instead. “I’m glad to hear it.” He spoke lightly as his gaze fell away from the brunette so she wouldn’t see.

"Though I know you’re stronger then that. You wouldn’t do anything so…foolish. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, you still have a lot to live for. Your kingdom, mother, father…cousins. People who care about you, thinking of them would be enough to keep me going."

But I don’t have them, I just have the clothes on my back and hiding in a tower. So people don’t turn him in for treason, biting his lower lip, Hans cleared his throat and looked back at her. Shoving the pain back to the deep recesses of his mind and slipping the mask over it.

"What are you trying to tell me Princess Rapunzel? Is that the real reason you left here for so long?” He chuckled softly.  

His voice was a little strained and she mentally kicked herself for going on about her family. A simple, ‘Yes,’ would have sufficed. She didn’t have to gloat. And now he kept going and she could hear him digging himself in deeper.

And just like that, the bad mood vanished, or seemed to. She knew better. Now that she’d seen beyond the mask, now that she’d held him to ward away his nightmares, she knew what the mask looked like. It was very convincing, but she was an artist, and Eugene had imparted some knowledge on the matter. But he was trying. Trying not to show her or trying to be in a better mood. So she didn’t pry and let it go.

"No," she snorted. "You just come across as the fastidious kind. Besides, who doesn’t love a scrub down with soap and get dressed in clean clothes afterward?" She remembered languid days when her hair was long when she’d bathe in the morning, then somehow fail to get dressed all day.

"How have you been sleeping?" she wondered as they circled their way up in the dark. "I hope you haven’t had too many nightmares." She had, but she wasn’t going to worry him with them.

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Ever have that OTP that you ship so hard you kind of just…drown?

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ain’t no friendship like a friendship where you’re either confused as siblings or gay lovers

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baby husky and its tennis ball

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pansflight said:

can you draw me rapunzel and flynn? this is so cool that you're doing this omg thank you


Rapunzel practices her Smoulder, and Eugene isn’t too impressed.
(sorry the quality is so terrible. For some reason my scanner won’t connect to my computer)

Send me your favourite Disney character/movie and I’ll doodle something for you!

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Sleepover Saturday

But as soon as Elsa’s out of the room, “Totally kidding. Of course I had dinner with him, he’s hella dreamy!” 

Sorry Anna but Elsa’s not stupid.

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She quickly arranged the tea on a tray and carried it comfortably towards the room, pleased to see that Pascal had taken to Ferdinand in the end. It was nice for everyone to be getting along. Even Mother, in a manner of speaking.

Ferdinand smiles when Pascal jumps from his shoulder and finds himself a comfortable spot to listen to the stories with Rapunzel. He pats the bed next to him when she enters, indicating to her to make herself comfortable next to him. 

Rapunzel removed her apron and hung it from a hook behind the door, then sat beside him, tucking her legs up and working on unbraiding her hair.