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"I’ll try," she said softly, sincere. She was terrified, but hopeful. So far, so good! She hugged him once more, placing a kiss on his neck, before letting him go and turning back to her parents. "So!" she said breathlessly. "I guess we have a lot of catching up to do!"

Ferdinand watches them make their way into the palace before darting back down the stairs towards the training camp. She will be fine. She is with people who love her and will take care of her. 

Once settled in with tea and treats the King cannot help but keep his eyes on his little girl all grown up. “Where have you been all these years?” He asks her softly, afraid of what the answer might be. 

"In a tower," Rapunzel told him, "in the forest. I was… the woman who raised me, the one who stole me… she’s still alive. But not for much longer. You see, my hair…"

She took a deep breath, then launched into an explanation. She told them about her’ hair’s healing properties, and about Gothel. She told them about how the baby inside her was leeching her power, how Ferdinand expected it to return, but how her power was weaker and each youthening lasted a shorter amount of time than the one before.

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"Mmmmm, there!" she said when he got to the right place. "It looks so good! Look at that cheese! Mmmm. I cna’t wait!" she grinned, wiggling eagerly in her seat.

"Got it!" As the knife cut through the thick layers of cheese, pasta and thick sauce Kristoff angled the serving spatula underneath. Gently layering the main course down upon the plate set aside for Rapunzel. "Alright then, feel free to start. Enjoy."

Placing the plate in front of her, Kristoff returned yet again to the piping hot dish. Cutting out a modest portion for himself, a hearty meal awaiting him at the ready. A playful wink being shot to his guest.”Okay, time to dig in-I’ve waited ages for this after bailing.”

Rapunzel laughed. “Nothing like knowing you have good food coming your way.” She cute herself a forkful and blew on it carefully before shoving the whole, huge bite in her mouth. Her eyes practically rolled back in her head as the flavors skated over her tongue.

"That’s it, Kristoff. I’m hiring you as my personal cook."

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"Movie night!"



Your muse insists our muses share a blanket to keep warm.

"So… how cold are you?"

The blonde knew while this was a redundant question to ask, it was somehow better to ask a ridiculous question and get a blunt answer.

It had only been a few short months since Rapunzel and Kristoff had run into one another by a sheer fluke. The pair had steadily formed a friendship over their mutual love of animals and taste for cooking.

Not to mention the reason for their encounter was sat by Kristoff’s feet. The husky seemed extremely content with everything, Sven certainly had the life for sure.

"Ooh, yes please!" she said excitedly, setting her cocoa mug down and making sure her hands were clean. "I’ve actually played lute for a while. Not as often as the guitar, but I play a lot of musical instruments. But hand-carved? It’s kind of amazing!"

"It’s something that I’ve always admired, the quality of craftsmanship is something you’d find at a professional music store. Yet you can tell countless hours of love went into it…just as restoring the steam locomotives I work on." A gentle chuckle left the blonde as he yet again adjusted to the plush sofa.

"Here, it should already be tuned…I at least hope so."

She ran her fingers reverently over the curved wood and gut strings. She strummed a a few times, just to be sure of the tuning, then began to play a simple, sweet lullaby she’d learned a long time before.

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"Oh?" she asked around a full mouth. She swallowed, then took a drink to rinse her mouth out. "And what’s that?"

"Well, you see I found out that there’s the possibility that our friends could be moving to town soon." His expression softened, a broad grin slowly spreading across the blondes face. "You see, I’ve spoken with them all, and there’s the possibility of everyone coming to live here. It means we’ll all be connected, no longer separated by greater distances."

"So, what do you think? We’ll all finally be together-" Yet again cutting himself short with another mouthful of pancake. The sweet fluffy texture yet again appealing to his taste-buds.

Her eyebrows flew up as she received the news. “They… what?” She was happy! Of course she was happy! But she was also nervous, and she hid it with a huge bite of fluff and syrup. What if, with Anna and Elsa closer, a spark arose…?

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They reached the foot of the tower and Rapunzel dismounted, letting bare feet touch grass they hadn’t touched in almost a year. Wow. She rolled her toes in the grass a few moments before tentatively reaching out and touching the stonework, fingertips first, then slowly settling the flat of her hand against it. She wondered if the tower remembered her. She wondered if stones could remember at all. Depending upon who you asked, it was a distinct possibility.

Trailing her fingers along the structure as she went, she began to circle the base, looking for an entrance. How had Gothel gotten in before her hair was long enough to climb? She couldn’t really remember. She wasn’t left alone much in the early days. Not that she was aware of, at any rate. And her kidnapper and parental figure had been getting in and out of the tower for ages since before her hair reached the ground.

Hiccup only stood by and watched her. He wanted to give her the time she needed. This had been her home, a home which she hadn’t seen in a while. A home that was still so full of memories, good and bad.
So he remained standing where he had been, watching her, how her face lit up and furrowed as questions seemed to ghost through her mind. How the wind lightly tucked on her dress and how the grass looked like between her toes.

Eventually, she found it; a section of wall that was different from the rest. The structure there had tumbled down, and climbing vines reached in vain for a wooden door that stood partway ajar.

"Hiccup!" she said breathlessly. Her heart and fingers trembled, and she knew there was no going forward without him.

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"Oh!" Panic suddenly flooded through Rapunzel and she fidgeted nervously, twiddling her fingers. "Um, alright!" she said with forced brightness. "I- I don’t imagine I’ll be anywhere but here all day!"

The King helped her to her feet, and as she hugged Ferdinand goodbye, she gripped his tunic tightly, nervous to let go. “Come find me at lunch?”

He holds on tight to his small wife as she grips his tunic. “They will take goods care of you. Do not worry, I am not going to leave my heart behind. I will see if I can arrange to leave earlier. Luckily the children are not coming today.” He pulls away briefly to kiss her softly. “Have fun doll.”

"I’ll try," she said softly, sincere. She was terrified, but hopeful. So far, so good! She hugged him once more, placing a kiss on his neck, before letting him go and turning back to her parents. "So!" she said breathlessly. "I guess we have a lot of catching up to do!"

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Firefly lamp

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  • Cat: So hey guess what else we can do?
  • Me: Huh?
  • Cat: Watch Tangled.
  • Cat: :D
  • Me: I like that idea so much :)
  • Cat: Yessss :D
  • Cat: Me tew muahahaha!
  • Cat: And you won't look at me weird when I go 'random character point here and this is why!'
  • Me: Dude. I'll pause so we can discuss it. XD
  • Cat: Lol yay! And thus the 1.5 hour movie lasts 4. XD
  • Me: That... is exactly the time frame I was going to quote. XD
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like tbh i feel like my problem with the “dark and gritty!!” trend in modern stories is this

there’s this idea in our culture that cynicism is realistic? that only children believe in happy endings, that people are ultimately selfish and greedy and seeing with clear eyes means seeing the world as an awful place

that idealism is— easy, i guess. butterflies and sunshine and love are easy things to have in your head.

but i’ve known since i was fifteen that idealism— faith in humanity— optimism— is the most difficult thing in the entire world.

i constantly struggle to have faith in humanity, because it’s really, really easy to lose it. it’s easy to look at the news and go “what were you expecting? of course humans behave this way.” it’s easy to see the world and go “ugh, there’s no hope there.” and the years when i believed that were easy. miserable— but easy.

it is hard work to see the good in people. it is hard work to hope. it is hard work to keep faith and love and joy and appreciation for beauty in my daily life.

and when moviemakers and tv producers and writers go “omg!!! all characters are selfish and act poorly and don’t love each other, nothing ever happens that is happy or good, that’s so much more realistic, that’s so much more adult”

no, it’s not

it’s childish.

it’s the most childish thing i can imagine.

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